Welcome to my site Welding Empire. If you are like me you enjoy building things. I have been welding professionally on and off for 19 years now. But I actually got introduced to it by my father many years earlier. He was building an RV and I was allowed in the “big shed” to help. ( I was about 8) This meant the world to me and from that day forward my Dad and I had a special bond where we made things together. Usually working on cars, but hey, who doesn’t like cars! You see welding is a great way to bond with your kids or friends. My father has passed away now, but I still have all the skills he taught me over 30 years ago and I am so grateful to him. Even now when I am in the shop working I might pick up a tool that was his and it makes me think back to our years together.

My Father and Brother working on our Morris Minor (modified)

Welding can not only build relationships, but it can also generate an income. During my high school years, I would modify the cars, do rust repairs, or fix exhausts on people’s cars in my town. Just from word of mouth I got to the point where I was turning away work. And I was making good money.

After being made redundant from a job after high school I decided to do a welding course. It was over 13,000 dollars for the course by the time I took about a loan for living costs it totaled 20,000. This was a lot of money. It was a decision I am glad I made. The scope of work was huge from 15,000,000 million dollar superyachts in New Zealand to remote desert gas turbine power stations in the Australian outback AKA middle of nowhere.

Gas pipe at a gold / lithium mine in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Always wanting to learn more. The industry has opened up a lot of doors for me. I arrived in Perth 9 years ago now and within 2 days of walking off the plan in a country, I knew no one in a place I have never been to before I had a job welding. Making a very good wage and building some great friendships along the way.

Like any industry, there are ups and downs. Australia missed the 2008 crash but was hit hard in 2012 when the iron ore export collapsed. People were losing their jobs, businesses and, homes. Luckily I never lost my job, but I did take a lot of unpaid leave to help out my boss. To make money I used the skills my father taught me decades earlier.

My wife and I would go to insurance auctions and buy cars that had accident damage. I would rebuild the cars by replacing the structural areas with my welding skills.

It turned out we had a lot of fun. Once my wife knew what to look for she would go to the auctions while I was at work. She would buy the cars, the parts needed and sell the cars and I repaired them. We made a lot of money and drove some cool cars.

Replacing the front section of an accident damaged car.

I know I can help you in giving you helpful tips or projects that you can build with your kids or friends to create memories that last a lifetime. Or if you are in a tough time in your life and need extra income, the skills I teach you on my site or YouTube Channel can provide you an income for you and your family.

If you want to reach out to me here are my social media accounts.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.