Where Is Spot Welding Used And Why?

Spot welding is used in multiple industries, to join two or more sheet metal components in a lap joint formation. Common applications of spot welding, ordered from greatest to least frequency, include. Automotive Industry. The automotive industry has moved on from mild steel in the pursuit of more fuel-efficient and safer vehicles. Using the latest … Read more

How To Miter Polish Stainless Steel Like A Pro

Get professional tips on how to miter polish stainless steel, with this comprehensive guide. All the basic tools and equipment are listed, so you get pro results. With detailed information on each step, with accompanying pictures. This will be an addition to the YouTube video I published so you will have a firm foundation on … Read more

do welding rods go bad

Do Welding Rods Go Bad

Do welding rods go bad? The short answer is yes. Over time electrodes are susceptible to moisture damage and other contaminants that affect their operational capability or sometimes render them useless. The time depends on your rod’s composition and the condition you keep them in. However, a drop in performance after some time is inevitable. … Read more

MIG welding gas

MIG Welding Gas | Get The Best Gas For Your Welding

MIG welding gas can either be reactive or non-reactive. Several factors, like the material, application, transfer method, and overall cost, must be considered before you decide on the gas you’ll use. Anyone remotely associated with the basics of MIG and TIG welding knows how important gasses are for both processes. Using the correct MIG welding … Read more