Welding Project Plans | Bar Table & Stools



The set will be a point of discussion for anyone who sees this beautiful bar table and stools in your outdoor entertaining area. The material is 316 stainless steel for extreme weather resistance. It can be also made in 304 stainless for a more affordable option.

I designed the bar table and stools after a friend had many requests for a set like his. I modified the finished product to make the build simpler and giving the table and the stools a modern contemporary design.

All of the dimensions are in  metric 






TIG welding project.

Included in the plans are an exploded view of the table with each part identified in a parts list with its type of material and size

The table has front, side, top and 3D views.

Each item has its own page with a 2D and 3D drawing of the item and all measurements.

The stool also has an exploded view with each part numbered with its material type and measurements.

The stool also has front, side, top, and 3D views.

Each component of the stool has its own page with 2D and 3D with all measurements included.


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